Letra de Framed By Blood - Cryptopsy

Letra de canción de Framed By Blood de Cryptopsy lyrics

I finally found the one, a perfect victim
His pale skin is flawless, I shake with excitement

He is mine now

I lured him back with me sly, smile filled with white teeth
Guaranteed ecstasy, trapped him inside my lair
That's when I hit him and he blacked out
Perfect the time has now arrived

This video will make me a superstar at last
The years I have waited will come back ten fold
Tie the cocksucker down, test the lighting isn't too bright
No second takes, here I must get everything just right
Turn on, the stereo and dive the ice pick inside him

Stab the flesh, rip it up, slash it raw
Fuck the gouged out bloody, slanted sockets until I cum

I have discovered
What heaven feels like
Oh what a mess I am left with

I dismember and then catalogue every part
His left foot, check
His left hand, check
His right foot, check
His right hand, check
His torso, check
And his head, check
Placed in boxes marked with bloody red heart

Time to clean up
Slowly I soak up his dark blood

The next day, I leave my place, pack up everything I own
Plan a safe getaway and hide whilst the frenzy unfolds
Smiling I watch
My name becomes common tongue, my face is everywhere
No, I do not regret a single fucking thing
I'm not closer to becoming a GOd

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