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Letra de canción de For You de Emerson, Lake & Palmer lyrics

For you and I - there never was a way to say goodbye.
The nights of love, we loved so hard we shook the stars above.
Oh, such a love...
Expecting so much, as we touched
that each the other led to the fire
was it the words left unspoken
scared for my heart she's been broken.

That in the ice of a moment
you closed the doors on our love.
Now for you and for me
lies branded on our hearts the memory.
Just a glance and a smile
a looking back and knowing all the while.

Oh, it was love
As close as it'll ever come, it's not a crime
for two lonely people to try
to find some love in the madness
of this world full of sadness
and though we woke in the ashes
just for a while we had dreamed.

I gave you all I could give - it was for you that I lived.
Why did you do what you did
and close the door of my heart
next time you fall in love - you'd better tell the truth
next time you fall in love - don't do it just for you.
For you, for you , for you ......

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