Letra de Finished Sympathy - Glasvegas

Letra de canción de Finished Sympathy de Glasvegas lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sick to death of a means to an end
Who and why and what-age offers no mercy
Rushed away is the leveller of youth
Butchered is the innocence of truth

I felt it shaking my bones again

I saw them on the street today
It was something that someone said
I felt the crush of finished sympathy

[Verse 2]
No longer trembling daisies
Now mobile teenage killing machines
Lending each other to
Man-made atomic energies
All because we turned seventeen
Led to places by historical unequal of reasons
Shooting real guns in real places
'Til they're unheard of geographically

I felt it shaking my bones again

Was it 'cos you had lost some faith?
Did you see it on the street today?
Did you feel finished sympathy?

How illogical is a piece of faith anyway?
This as long as the child is inside me
Don't finish sympathy
Don't finish sympathy
I won't finish sympathy, not yet

Don't finish sympathy

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