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Letra de canción de Finish Them de Cattle Decapitation lyrics

FIRE! On the horizon
Incineration of a species
The cremation of a disease
With flame and gases reducing to ashes
Entire nations - all human communities
Poisoning everything - stripped of all immunities
This is the way we deal with our own kind
Self-destructing power of the human mind

Burn! Back from whence you came
Return to carbon once again
Now we see that the true evil has a face
Now we know the devil is the human race

Cursed be our society
Which finds its end rather dramatically
Part anthropologic, part organically
The course of nature knows no amnesty

On the smoldering horizon
The fumes of sulfur choking out Poseidon
The ocean boiling its contents
Mother Nature on the offense
Sterilizing the earth with flame
Beating humanity at its own game
Their footprint now buried in the soot
Of a pale horse with a cloven hoof

We purge with fire and we finish them
We light the fuse and we diminish them
We fight the fire with a nuclear flash
Deconstruct everything that's built to last

We fuck biology's eye sockets
We skull fuck futures for our profits
We'd kill the universe given the chance
Emptied of time by its draining sands

So we burn...
Never to extinguish

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