Letra de Feel - Matchbox Twenty

Letra de canción de Feel de Matchbox Twenty lyrics

What you want
What you got
Live your life in a crawlspace
Help you out
But you don't
Want a chance at a better life
You said you never took a ride
And now you wanna play
Well it's a big, big city
Let me show you around
And now
You crossed that line
You can't come back
Tell m e how does it feel now
Too late
Too much to forget about
Can't stop now
Tell me how does it feel now
I'm only asking
Because I wanna know
How you wanna feel
I'm a wreck
I'm a mess
I'm a spot on the pavement
I'm a number on the wall
I'll make your soul tired
I don't think I like this game
No more
It goes around and round and round
You take it one more time
One more time

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