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Letra de canción de FBS de Goatwhore lyrics

Black Mass
Spilling blood
Recite the ancient script that conjures dark blasphemy

Inverted rite
The time has come to drink the virgin's blood
Exposed remains left in decay
Inversion of this altar of christ
Mortal shell will be torn away
Embracing the godless realm

Vessel to evoke, sliced to reveal
Plunging knife creates the wound
These rabid wolves are biting flesh
Underneath the eclipsing moon

Silent fiend
Crawling forth
The gate of hell will soon be unlocked

Feel this stare
Watch your back
These hordes of hell are primed to attack

Ancient lore and the smell of death
Black rites have unlocked this gate
Spread the sinful plague that infects
Desecrated corpse invokes this fate

Candles burn as altar flames arise
Time to praise this lord of disgust
Howling moon in starless skies
Entangled in this ritual of lust

Bodies entwine in the form of coiled snakes
Invoking this sacrifice for the devil
Revulsion of god binding this custom
Orgies in gore shall provoke this evil

Slicing necks of the pious for arousal
This blackened sky begins to open up
Smearing blood on the bare bodies of reprisal
Ejaculate the semen that will corrupt

Fucked by Satan

Demon god
Thrusting forth
This lustful act
Defile the pure

Infernal heir
Rise forth
Carnal deed
Unveils perversions of the flesh

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