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Letra de canción de Fate Of The Condemned de Dying Fetus lyrics

The thrust of fascist war campaigns
Inspire my will to disobey
Adversary to the end
Wielding all the wrath of Hell

Rattling your diminutive saber
Jeopardizing sovereignty
Power trip of the smallest power
We can always use a new war

Peaceful religious tolerance
Ends in frightening violence
Every plot we uncover
Fuels the fire of our hatred

Exploitation, attrition
Ignoble death, hostile enmity
Owed far worse than what will befall
Real life bleeds the loser dry

Coming to crush your domination
Next life, not the one you expected
Crap religious politics brought me
Guilt-free murder, my reward

Dismantling the old ways, enslaving the opposition
Better than the justice they deserve, feeding frenzy mayhem
Life or death, survival, the rest is all bullshit

Delight in the kills I make along the way
Dead religious fascists, mutilated terrorists
Butchering thousands, genocide, annihilation
I am Armageddon, the bringer of death

Decades of stalemate, coming to an end
Patience long gone, miscalculated tolerance
You fucked up, a fight you cannot finish
Begging to die, stupidity will kill you

Natural order, second-class citizens
Given to slavery, inflame my predatory instincts
Chosen way of life, rejects of civilization
Troublesome cancer, posed for elimination

Militants on our own soil, burned away to maintain order
Nothing to prevent us from killing foreign extremists
Violent dissidents we butcher and incinerate
Lowest on the food chain, they deserve to be slaughtered

Killing for a living
Fuck your fucking politics
Something you did brought me here
Praying for war
Die by my hand

Hardened by hate, mindless attacks
There is no god helping you now
Matter of time, you will fall
When a nation can't keep its shit together

We will always be called to exterminate enemy factions
No question, this must be done
Plenty of reasons to fuck them up
Atrocious mayhem, conspicuous danger

Ruthless people deserve what they get
Who gives a fuck what happens to them
Satisfaction, multiplied revenge
Condemn your squandered soul

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