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Letra de canción de Externalize This Hidden Savagery de Goatwhore lyrics

Faith mongers of righteous rule conceal this deceptive law
Distorted values of virtue masked by these holy words
This great persecution will elevate the return of sin
In these eyes of revenge the kingdoms of grace shall burn

Seven deadly crowns
Devouring the birth of mankind
Hurling the stars to the earth
Leaving the skies blind with might

Great harbinger of pain
Awake from the scourge beneath
Stoking the flames of damnation
Engorging on the souls of the weak

Spawn of a new age has arrived to penetrate the will of man
Commence the escape from scorn with dark factions of revenge
A command drawn in blood with these hungry weapons of war
Eruption of savage response has unleashed this assault

Dawn of the antichrist comes to suffocate the realm of god
Violent strike of vengeance, slaughter the swine of heaven
Disease of virtue, cutting this plague from the body of the world
Inversion of these words of prayer, desecrate the faith of man

Revenge is hells coliseum, adorned with souls of despair
Seize the moment of reprisal, purging flames of eternal warfare
Great keeper flesh and soul makes an offering for the feast
Give rise to an outbreak of sacrilege in this gift for the beast

Kill all
Rage war
Emerge from this wrath

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