Letra de Exciter - Judas Priest

Letra de canción de Exciter de Judas Priest lyrics

1 Racin' past the heavens
Sailin' to the dawn
Lookin'like a comet
Slicin' to the morn
Scorchin' the horizon
Razin' thro' the land
CH.1: Stand by for Exciter
Salvation is his task
Stand by for Exciter
Salvation makes the man
2 Everything he touches
Fries into a crisp
Let him get close to you
So you're in his grip
Starts to smoke and smoulder
Whisper up in sin
Recognition hits you
There in only an evil grin
CH.2: Stand by for Exciter
Salvation is his task
Stand by for Exciter
Here he comes now
Fall to your knees
And repent if you please
SOLO (Glenn)
* Where is this man
Where is he gone?
Exciter falls
For where he goes
I've never seen him
But you will tase the fire
upon your turf
3 He's gonna make you step out
Of the state that you are in
Looks around and make you
See the light again
So let self-indulgence
Result nine-shattered eyes
Dominant complacency
Leads to the guiding light
4 When he leaps amidst us
With combusted dance
Also getting ready
From his perma-lance
But to rising masses
Melting need to work
Only when it's all done
Will his tale be done.
CH.2 REPEAT, SOLO (both)
*, 1, CH.1, CH.2 REPEAT

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