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Letra de canción de Evil Iron Kingdom de Spectral lyrics

Black clouds darken (the) northern skies
At nightfall we will rise
To turn your life into darkness and destruction

Fire and screams cut through the night
We strike with fear and terror into your heart
For our Evil Iron Kingdom you shall die

Evil Iron Kingdom

Bestial torture and suffering
Torment and pain awaits
For those who dare to stand in our way

As six infernal warriors ride
Their bodies will be sacrificed
And our Evil Iron Kingdom shall arise

Evil Iron Kingdom

I'll take your life
With no remorse
You shall die
Your blood shall be spilled
And absorbed by the ground
All your bones will be broken
And your body shall be shattered

When the smoke clears
And the rain washes away
The fragments of blood and flesh
Reveal a place without hope

Bare sand and stone which harbored life
Has lost it's ashes in the air
May the Evil Iron Kingdom
Reign over your graves

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