Letra de Everyday Hero (Sing-Along Track) - Luke Benward

Letra de canción de Everyday Hero (Sing-Along Track) de Luke Benward lyrics

[Verse 1]
So this is what it feels like to grow up.
I want some independence not to little not to much.
I can take some steps alone this time.
But you know that ill never ever leave you behind.

Oh i believe in who i am because of you,
Oh you've been there to always help me through.
Everyday and every way do what you do and what you say.
You'll never be replaced.
I hope you know
(i hope it shows)
You're my everyday hero

[Verse 2]
I wonder if you think im letting go.
I might be but just believe i'll make it on my own,.
But i can see it in your eyes i see it all the time.
You've been cheering in the stands all of my life.

[repeat chorus]

I dont have to look around to know you're there.
I take you with me every where.
Because you've made a mark on my life.
All because you care.

Your my everyday hero.
[repeat chorus]
So this it what it feels like to grow up...

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