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Letra de canción de Eddie's Ragga de Spoon lyrics

Someone that I met but I hardly knew
He said that everyone loves a defective heart
He'd parted ways with diction, this was late last night
He see me getting your affection and it proved he was right
The way I stared off thinking that all was sound
Anyone that I knew woulda called me found
You can break my legs, you can kick me downstairs
But there ain't no getting over Joanie Hale-Maier
Just let me walk away
Ah let me walk away
And then the place ignite
It's in my face and I'm
Behind the bassline
Someone that I knew but I hardly met
Told me, it's hopeless I'm a slut for the New York Times
She made my heart soft, worn an aiguillette on her arm
She never been to Texas, never heard of King Kong
And it'd been so long since I'd been suitably high
So we did an Airborne, settled in for the night
Tell me sweetness don't somehow reach your heart
Until you fall flat down and you can't wait to start
This is the one cold truth we've all of us known
As I think to myself this could be easy or I could face it alone
And then the place ignite
All out of grace and I'm
Behind the bassline

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