Letra de Earth Venomous - Stardown

Letra de canción de Earth Venomous de Stardown lyrics

She looked into my heart
I felt unearthly light
It was reality and dream at once
We were walking through
The labyrinths into
Infinity and darkness

The Ocean's rotting from within
Surface of putrid skin
Welcome to my Plastic Realm
The Mistress invited me
We were falling into
Garbage of Humanity
I felt despite of Nature
Solution of Unity

I pray, show me the way
No way to salvation

No one's Earth venomous like you

This is a place for me and all of us
Garbage Island of Disgust
Flowers will not grow in this plastic dump
Efforts in vain
To clean this world
It's fucking late

In venomous ocean
Plastic shit is all around
In venomous ocean
New breeds will be born in scum

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