Letra de E - Saves The Day

Letra de canción de E de Saves The Day lyrics

I've got your face burned in my head
From the first night we met
You were lost, 22, tired of it all
Eyes like star-born black holes

I was living alone
The world went by down below
Through the window I watched it all go

We've been here 7 years, clothes on the floor
Shadows crawling along the walls
Reminisce, reticence, learn to move on
Without you who I would be is gone

Try or fail to forgive
Nothing left to relive
I watch your black hair blow in the wind

Can we love again?
Do you feel a thing?
Will you take my hands?
I want to live again

In your eyes I see the sky go grey

Looking down as I say,
"Give me one more day."
In the distance I hear the rain fall

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