Letra de Dogs Of War - Diary Of Dreams

Letra de canción de Dogs Of War de Diary Of Dreams lyrics

Without protection
I've come to watch you sleep
I see how you struggle
I sense that you're fighting me

It touches me deeply
to watch you suffer - still
to know you so helpless
in my old hands I let you sleep

I could never hurt you
I value the trust in me
I'm scared and feel stranded
Alone in the tides of life

I beg you please
Please don't wake up now
I beg you please
Please don't give up now

Don't take the blame for me
Let's talk it over
Don't bear the shame with me
I have a sacrifice to make

Call back all my demons
You carried the cross for me
Let go of my burden
I think i can bear the pain

Sing with me, stranger
Get lost in your darkest dream
Your pain is my symphony
I dance with your dogs of war

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