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Letra de canción de Dig That Groove Baby de The Toy Dolls lyrics

Friday night is bath night this is what they say
We are gonna dig the groove, we've waited all day
We wear trendy trousers with belts a mile too long
We are gonna catch the bus into the town
We are boogie on down...
Dig that groove ba - a - by [repeat]
Dig dig dig dig digga that groove baby.
There they are again covered in Old Spice
They think they will get the girls cause
They smell nice,
They all call me riff raff
'Coz I wear a Crombie
I couldn't stand it being just like them
They all look like puffs not men
See that trendy there she used to be a punk
Now she's off to the disco to listen to junk
Her boyfriend was a skinhead
He used to shout Oi! Oi!
Play that funky music that's what they say now
Come with me and I'll show you how...

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