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Letra de canción de Die In Battle de Spectral lyrics

Strong were our hearts
And strong was our will
With hellish screams
In battle we will ride
Swords before us
And hate in our hearts
Fighting down the enemy
You must (fucking) die

Die in battle now, For the northen Gods

With the hammer of Thor
And Odin by our side
Flames in our veins
And fire in our eyes
Thunder shakes the ground
The mouth of hell is open wide
Winds of hell, unholy flames

Die in battle now, For the northern Gods

Skin burned from their bodys
The smell of burning flesh
A thouand souls ride to hell
the slaves of the dead
Violence ruled
In (this) fucking battle
No remorse
The battlefield shall be their grave

Die in battle now, For the northern Gods

Sword and axes rise to the sky
A sea of skulls and bones
The sign of victory
this battle we have won
With the Gods on our side
In the blood red morning sun
We (shall) ride intil we fight

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