Letra de Denial - Ozzy Osbourne

Letra de canción de Denial de Ozzy Osbourne lyrics

You are my only daughter
I guess I made you twice
You look inside my other
He'll give you bad advice

I will tell you I'm OK
But deep inside I'm afraid

I don't drink Holy water
I'm not the son of Christ
I ain't no black messiah
And I don't load my dice

You can tell me you're all right
But why are you so afraid?

You're in denial
You never will believe it's you
Denial, you always hide behind the truth
You'll never believe it
You never believe it's you

I don't think I'm amazing
In fact I'm quite insane
To live inside my bucket
With all my plastic chains

People tell me every time
I look at the wrong all right

Secrets told to you, dreamland
Holds you secrets told you
You wouldn't believe it
You couldn't conceive it
Secrets told you.......
You wanna receive it
You gotta believe it's you

You're on a trip already
I'm tripping out alright
I'll get there slow and steady
Just sit and hold on tight

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