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Letra de canción de Demon Alcohol de Ozzy Osbourne lyrics

I'm sick and tired of your excuses, can't deal with living
Anymore, I'll give you reasons to continue while you lie
Writing on the floor.

I'll wash away your lies and have you hypnotized. there'll be
No compromise today, I'll share your life of shame, I think you
Know my name, I'll introduce myself today, I'm the demon
Alcohol, deamon alcohol, I'll get you.

If you could deal with your reflection I'm sure you'd see into
My eyes, there'll be no need for resurrection, let's drink to
People of the lies.

Although that one's too much, you know ten's not enough,
There'll be no compromise today, I'll watch you lose control,
Consume your very soul. I'll introduce myself today, I'm the demon alcohol,
Deamon alcohol, ha ha deamon alcohol, deamon alcohol, let's party.
(deamon alcohol) (i'm the deamon alcohol)

I'm sick and tired of resolutions, you've quit me time and
Time again, don't speak of suicide solutions, you took my
Hand, I'm here to stay.

This time it's you or me, I'll never set you free, there'll be no
Compromise today.

So satisfy your lust, too much can't be enough, I'll introduce
Myself today, I'm the deamon alcohol, the deamon alcohol, aha,
Deamon alcohol, deamon alcohol.

Let's party.

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