Letra de Demigod - Pyrexia

Letra de canción de Demigod de Pyrexia lyrics

Freed from the mouth of the worm
Bewitched by your blood
Drawn by pandemonium
I come for your soul
Concipt sacred blood of life
Mephisto commands
Exah His name in my ways
Spawning souls unclean

Horned Gods, arise
Profane names, spake aloud
Malificent, death orgy
Pious life, crucified

Ancient serpents now awaken
Come, do what we wilt
Gate of darkness torn by chaos
Unleashed blasphemy

Entrails of man
Rivers of blood
Skinned sacrifice
Altars of flesh

Drag you below, torturous sights
Corpses lay strewn in my abyss of filth
Carved by my claws gutted and drawn
I trod the skulls and bones
of victims past

Devour souls not of us
Sate our craving for your flesh

Demigods of timeless horror
Wakened through your anatchism
Quench our pain of eternal thirst
Feed on the souls of you mortals

Your body now devoid of life
Soul is entwined by my hands
Lifeforce now bows to my will
Come, taste immortality
My being now vibrates with power
Devoured souls enlighten
Manifestations of Hell
Corrupted unholy ghost

Infernal abominations
Embollish my dream of shadows
Partake pain of my desires
Abadon hope, ye who enter

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