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Letra de canción de Crowd Pleaser de Rupert Holmes lyrics

He's a musician. Lately, he's wishin' he was a cop.
'Cause he loves a crowd pleaser, dies when he sees her and it don't stop.

I play guitar. I back her up. She's the star of a bar band.
She packs 'em in, but I'm packin' up?'cause this used to be our band.
Night after night, they watch her move tightly up to that mike
And she steals the crowd's heart. They may not know art but they know what they like.

Crowd pleaser wontcha please me?
Crowd pleaser wontcha please be mine?

Here's how it is: the band was once his, then she came along
And she moved the right way, and he gave her her say for the price of a song.

She sings the best. This is the worst, and I can't stand to share her.
So I'm gettin' out or she'll get me first. If I only could tear her
Face from their eyes, but I realize that's just what she needs.
So I play till it stings and I choke these metal strings till my lightnin' hand bleeds.
Well I'm drawing the line 'cause she tells me she's mine but she's sharing the wealth
I suppose I should leave 'cause I just can't believe this is good for my health.

Crowd pleaser, wontcha please me?
Crowd pleaser, wontcha please be mine?

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