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Letra de canción de Crime Always Pays de Swashbuckle lyrics

[Music - Nobeard | Lyrics - RedRum]

Amass the crew, strike up the wind
Waken the epic war within
Take it all, and take it now
Who knows what all this will allow?

Seafaring wealth, a kingdom come
And the weak will then succumb
To a plan laid out for all to see
At the expense of the world's misery

A crash against the wooden hull
Bodies pile, endless skulls
Out on the ports and on the bays
Upon the seas, crime always pays

This philosophy will surely spread
Like a fire burning crimson red
Slow at first, then gaining ground
Till truth rings forth with mighty sound
Our anchor's weighed upon the cove
Under the sands, a treasure trove
Take in sails, you scurvy swabs!
More plunder's in sight to loot and rob!


Kept chained to land no longer
Passion to roam free grows stronger
Ousting foes in the game of life
We live on the edge of a knife

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