Letra de Count the Dead - Endseeker

Letra de canción de Count the Dead de Endseeker lyrics

[Verse 1]
Broken dreams, broken hope
The world is on the edge
The eve of conflict, dawn of war
Misery the pledge
Politics of madmen leading to catastrophe
Democracy on its knees, fascist brutality
See them marching, see them walk
Hear them shouting, hear them talk
See them dominate the streets
When history repeats

[Chorus 1]
Condemned to watch on our TV screens
Powerless, ruled by machines
Propaganda, mind control
Beaten down, left to crawl

[Verse 2]
Insanity elect?d by the people b?ing fooled
Civil rights and common sense disposed and overruled
When streets become the battlefields, and cities start to burn
It's time to take some action and to make the tables turn
Violence, regicide
Last resort, bona fide

[Chorus 2]
When the voice of protest dies unheard
Tears of anger, vision blurred
Vicious cycle, planting hate
No turning back, it's too late

Escalation, firing shots
Placing votes from the rooftop

Insanity elected by the people being fooled
Civil rights and common sense disposed and overruled
Reign of terror, money greed
Exploitation beyond the need
Civil unrest, knell of war
Uncertain outcome, death for sure
Minorities, weak oppressed
Law enforcement on their chest
Overpower, clash of classes
It's the few against the masses

[Chorus 3]
See the fires burning in the streets
Society severely bleeds
Cancer of injustice grows
Lack of prospects overdose
Watch from distance in the news
Malice raging on the loose
Blazing flames, the night turns red
Pile up the bodies, count the dead

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