Letra de Compliments - Maysa Leak

Letra de canción de Compliments de Maysa Leak lyrics

This guarantee soul-filling groove
Brought to you comes courtesy of Maysa's soul
Why don't you feel off the infectiousness
Indulge in positive feedback - owe it to yourself

Burning out haven't got a clue where to go
To recharge escape rushes of life
(I recommend)
You hitch a ride (it's on me)
Journey is about to commence
A soul excursion transportation to euphoric state of mind

Ain't no better way, to relieve yourself
And all expenses paid, one way ticket there
So adjust your frame of mind, from your daily routine
Resume gear into overdrive, it's time to move on

Everything's in tune
Needle fits the vinyl, groove's underway
At a steady flow rotating at the right tempo
With my compliments

Touchdown here's where you're destined to be
Are you building momentum, it comes natural no faking
We'll be sliding back from side to side (deep in the stride)
Sound boy let the needle glide (keeping it live)

Going on and on, time is pressing on
Before the excursion ends, vibe disintegrates
Daylight resurfaces, life's monotony resumes
Make the most of it, owe it to yourself

Now's your chance to express how you feel
Be the soul, be the life of this high atmosphere
Let the groove venture into your bones
To the core taking over, taking control

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