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Letra de canción de Cheatin' Chick From China de The Toy Dolls lyrics

sittin' in the hot wok takeaway
every single thing has gone wrong from that day
"i like english man" said she
cor! i thought free chop suey?
i was sittin' in the got wok, what a shock i got, didn't i, ay
sittin' in the hot wok, she wooed me
she was gonna make a mockery... of me
bamboozled by a chinese bint, she milked me dry
and left... me skint
in a peking penthouse pad, with the bank account i once had
she knew it but i didn't know that, i'd end up in a council flat
tricked and sick, why did he pick a chick, when she's a cheatin' chick
from china
sittin' in the hot wok penniless
she got me in an oriental mess
i fell for, a bird so bad, that hong kong whore
took all... i had
flat broke... i was in a fix, by a bit o' skirt with chopsticks
for a little eastern crumpet, i was left 10 grand in debt

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