Letra de Cheap & Nasty - Whitesnake

Letra de canción de Cheap & Nasty de Whitesnake lyrics

I get so confused but my heart knows you're one of a kind
Leather and lace, an angel's face
Riding on a one track mind
You're fully loaded with cruise control
My four wheels rock with your backseat roll
You're cheap an' nasty, all you wanna do is give it up, give it u
Cheap an' nasty, c'mon and do the dirty with me

I get so excited babe, when I'm invited to ride in your limousine
You drive it every day, burn it every night
I wonder how you keep it so clean
Smooth accelerator, you get me so loose
You keep your motor running til'I run out of juice

I never knew it could be this way, and I never thought I'd ever complain
But gimme just a second just to catch my breath, babe, before you do it again
All the boys call your name down the wishing well
'Cause baby, when you go you're like a cat out of hell

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