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Letra de canción de Carbonized de Impiety lyrics

Open wide the gates of Eden,
Trains of the flock have arrived,
Herded into rows forced to march,
Welcome to the Kingdom of the Accursed...
Stripped of all clothes and disgraced,
Angel of Death gives the command,
Those who shall work and will die
Those biologically blessed!
Baptized cold in zyklon,
Celebrate the extermination,
A relentless Sadistic Ritual,
Forward march to Annihilation...
See their stinking corpses.
Left to rot and pile up high,
Another hundred thousand,
Awaiting their cruel demise...
Experiments conducted on the young,
Twins carved twisted into form,
The pregnant dissected in pain,
Aborting all innocence to death...
Castrate proud bearers of te star,
electrocute those who so deserve,
Lethally inject witj petrol,
Lethally infect with all virus...
And so, is this all a heinous crime
against humanity?
we applaud the wanton brutality,
Anti-Jewish Supremacy!
Into the blazing Krematoria...
Carbonized - Flaming flesh to smoldering ash...
Carbonized - Filthy flesh to sacred ash...
Crude and Vulgar, Decimations,
Add splendor to his name,
Mengele was no angel nor the Devil,
But a man committed
And Possessed by all evil!
To fuel the fires -with hate,
To fuel the fires - their fate...

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