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Letra de canción de Can't Turn Back Time de Natasha Thomas lyrics

So sorry, that you´re gone, I never meant to hurt you, no no
And leaving you was wrong, I thought I was in love with
Some one new, but the only one is you...
And while being with him, looking at him, I´m thinking of you,
(I can´t let go)
Whatever we do, I´m telling the truth, my heart is with you,
(I want you to know)
I wanna go back but I can´t do that, cause I crossed the line,
and I can´t turn back time
I think I´m gonna fall, cause you´re not there to hold me, oh oh
And he´s not like you at all, but I know it´s too late, I made my
choice, but still I hear your voice...
I´d like to give you all of me, tonight, ironically you´ll
never see... ooh
[Chorus (2x)]

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