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Letra de canción de Call Of The Nameless Black de The Legion lyrics

I know these ancient halls by heart from wondrous dreams.
I strive along without a thought ? blinded, yet I see.
Overhanging shrieking gaps: a bridge as thin as bone.
Abysmal echoes whisper of things 'til now unknown.
Leading to Earth's bowel, a path winds onwards.
At the heart of mankind atrocities unfold.

Twisted human misshapes decorate the vaults: a dark
Abomination wrought with beastly claws. Demented ornate
Structures ? the unutterable described. Such exuberance?
A hideous work of art!

Submitting to rituals of blackest divine,
Transforming me into a shadow of time.

Call of the nameless black.

All human feelings disappear, save morbid fascination.
The air breathes hate and scorn and death. That smell?
A bliss to suffer! The ground: a rotting, reddish fen; a lake
Of boiling faces. The scent of horrors undefined ?
Celestial putrefaction.

The stench of torn cadavers contaminates the air. Bloated
Bodies put to rest on piles in endless rows. A tumescent
Mess of flesh and bone ? remember: such is life, and no
More will I be trapped inside. Assailed by ghoulish
Perceptions ? around me the nightmare unveils.

Call of the nameless black.

A mass of unspeakable figures encounters my bed of stone.
Horrid? that footfalls so different can move in such
Perfect rhythms. My deepest wish and utmost fear unite in
A graceful crescendo. A second away from my last breath,
With eyes closed I'm ready to face death.

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