Letra de California Bent - The Telepathic Butterflies

Letra de canción de California Bent de The Telepathic Butterflies lyrics

She carries on her conversations, on her own
Pleasing, but never one to be wrong
Every day goes eerily calm, when she is done
She gave a sigh, the morning wears her down to size
Feeling, everything's going wrong
And every day moves eagerly on, while others stall
Just knock if you can hear her from within
Are you inclined to let her in
She's into freaks
I'm working on the notion that she cared
Watching the way she combs her hair
She's into freaks
She's leaving bye, bye...
She walks around the Californian ground
She's in my head, and California bent
She stays at home and plants her garden full of stones
Thinking, somehow everything grows
And every day moves further along, the path she'd sown

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