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Letra de canción de Burned Out de Blues Pills lyrics

You got me burnin'
Burned out of my head
My body's lying
My spirit is dead

You got me working
Your breath down my neck
Money you're earning
You're stacking the deck
Is there a reason of truth to believe in?
Won't you release me
Please, release me

(Voodoo Choir)

Release me, yeah
Free me, yeah

You got me burned out
Get out of my head
(Get out of my head)
And my body's lying
On the ground you left me dead
(Where you left me dead)

You know that some say it's better
To burn out than just fade away
But there's no use in trying
When all you do is tear me apart
And you will never understand me

I see you smiling as long as you get all of me
And I can't explain when you can never understand
It's me who is losing
You do the choosing
You got me burned out
And it's me who is losing

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