Letra de Bullets & Rocks - Calexico

Letra de canción de Bullets & Rocks de Calexico lyrics

The days are growing short
Patience wearing thin
Blackouts and broken trust
Leading to exodus
The future's built on bullets and rocks

They'll search, they'll save
They'll find it one day
There's work to do
And mouths to feed

Why can't you see
This plaintiff plea
The future's starved
The families disappear
To the dark cover of night

No fear, no harm was meant
The smuggler joked
And down they went
The devil's highway
Disguised as a cloud of dust and smoke

Narcos and feds
Are all intertwined
You can leave your valuables here
With me he smiled

A future's promised to you
Wrapped in their words without truth
Echoes in a labyrinth of solitude
Security built a lie, a wall
Wrapped round and around fortitude

Bullets and rocks
A future's promised to you

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