Letra de Breakin (Spanish Version) - Frankie J

Letra de canción de Breakin (Spanish Version) de Frankie J lyrics

Give me the keys to the car
No way you're driving away
Don't act like we grew apart
I know you still want to stay

Take your clothes out of luggage
Don't pretend it's nothing
You wouldn't be willing to save

Don't ignore my heartache
Let's finish what we started
'Cause I know this isn't the way

Don't go breakin' my heart
I'm not giving up on you
'Cause I want you forever

Don't go telling my heart
That we'll never make it through
'Cause we'll make it together

Love isn't love without trials
Then tell me what good would it be?
So don't you give up on us now
I know that you don't wanna leave

I know you're gonna dig this
Let the bass kick

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