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Letra de canción de Bold de The Districts lyrics

Am I laying late awake again
Is the snow down on the lawn again?
All these worries falling on my head
While I was staring at the dishes piled
Just waiting for the spring to thaw my smile
It was frozen staring down
It's going to be a long winter again

Well I've been touched by the rush of the river one time
Your breath on my skin gave a thrill when I thought life was fine
But now there's news on the TV
I'm wide awake and my brother's not home
He's learning war in fatigues
And my arms are expected to know loving
Cause I've felt the cold of a friendship unfold
We once wore pleats, comfort recedes into a violet glare

I'll try not care
I will not be bold
I will not be bold if you stay
I will recede into a violet glare
I'll try not to stare

Letra subida por: Byel

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