Letra de Blue Angel - Roy Orbison

Letra de canción de Blue Angel de Roy Orbison lyrics

Oh, Blue Angel Don't you cry Just because he said goodbye Oh, uh, uh aah No, don't cry
Oh Blue Angel Have no fear I'll brush away each lonely teardrop
Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, oh, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo

Well love's precious flame Just burned in vain But you're not to blame He thought love was a game
Oh, such a shame But don't you cry Don't sigh I'll tell you why I'll never say goodbye Blue Angel!

We'll have love so fine Magic moments divine If you'll just say yoy're mine I'll love you 'tll the end of time
Don't you worry your pretty head I'll never let you down I'll always be around Blue Angel! Blue Angel!

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