Letra de Bloodless Coup - Napalm Death

Letra de canción de Bloodless Coup de Napalm Death lyrics

Taking charge by force chills
down to the bone
Visibly futile and strangely pitiful
Transfer of the hulking yoke and
grievances unclosed
Hands the batons on to take
free swings just because

Really? Just because?

Taking charge by force with
free licence to lunge
Snarl and take a potshot
- feels good
You've toppled the order
but are now the same enforcer
Scaling new heights of severity
just because

Snap decision to snap into
Amplify what's been done to you

Such a rush - righting wrongs
This is not right from wrong
Wildly, sporadically righting wrongs
This is not right from wrong
Paving ways without force

Pull the punch before it floors
the unwitting pawn
With all we can muster
- divide and conquer
Recognise it and reverse
the zeal all because

Succession after succession
to fall right into
Regenerated to suit the few

You sprang when pushed
Now no right or wrong
Fabricated rights and wrongs

Because vengeance is
no kind of leveller
Bloodless coup
Ultimately save
the strikes for the structure
Bloodless coup

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