Letra de Blood And Soil - Bathory

Letra de canción de Blood And Soil de Bathory lyrics

The altar covered
in lifegiving cum
the smell of
forever running wet cunts
Flesh and sweat
dancing bare limbs around the fire
the sound of clashing
wet bodies and sighs
Dry throats and warm blood
the rite, the collecting of sperm
and milk from young breasts
Lust instead of Gods
on the altar of masturbating
fuckin' human flesh
Wet limbs lie down
to dry in the wind
sumbols painted with blood
on bare skin
Earth now nourished
with milk and with cum
celebration of nature
is done
Come sun and gentle rain
our gift is made
so that the soil can give birth
The sead and milk remains
in the domains of the deep womb
of mother Earth

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