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Letra de canción de Blood, Be Gone! de The Legion lyrics

Shadow of the void, shine black in me!
Resolve my flesh now and eternally.
Un-light, blind my eyes so I can see!
Reveal the truth that dwells inside of me.
I call now to the constant behind dead gods,
to the radiant obscurity of the underworld.
Voiceless is my prayer, yet loud and clear.
A cry pronounced for none to ever hear.
Earthbound, hating the bonds of the soil...
Release me from this solid mortal coil!
Take me to where nothing is of becomes, for I want to cease!
Let me roam anew where silence is a blinding black!
Born of the earth... body bonds and blood -- be gone!
Born of the earth... fleshless rebirth.
Body bonds -- be gone!
For once not a dream, but wholly real: the pure nothingness, finally revealed.
Worthy I rise from the bonds of man -- a slave to filth ever since life began.
I call to the lurking constant shadow behind my eyes;
The fathomless infinity of the nightly skies;
The lingering darkness of undreamt dreams;
The blinding silence;
The after-light;
The pure negation;
The after-life;
The empty essence that is nothing and is therefore all.

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