Letra de Blank Love Poetry - Division Of Laura Lee

Letra de canción de Blank Love Poetry de Division Of Laura Lee lyrics

I know, you're searching,
Like lanterns cross black seas for the love you've stacked.
I just can't love you back.
My heart is turning, twisted in a chain.
Hi! to the crucifix, hanging 'round your chest.
You, so sharp, it takes a lot to cut the wire.
Why are you so tough, enough to walk the isle.
Across the hall, like fog, up the wall like fire.
I feel your trembling,
Cold fingers 'cross a board of broken keys tearing the old wounds.
I embrace the pain of seeing you again, but when your heart attacks
I just can't love you back.
Your shape is slowly shifting into none.
Like letting down the curtain, blocking out the sun.

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