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Letra de canción de Black Easter de Portrait lyrics

Foolish mortal
Do you know what you're dealing with?
Magic is demons
And I summon them here to do as I bid
Speak your dreams
If you'd ever dare to confess
The lives I've taken
Are only a glimpse of the power
That I possess

To bring the wicked
Back to earth on Black Easter
Drawn... into the fire
By the rites of Black Easter

An infernal plan
To unleash a terror yet unmatched
Such grand blasphemy
Not seen since the cosmic egg was hatched
I'll call the Lords of the Abyss
The end is near
And all of hell has been waiting for a moment like this

Rise of the wicked
On the eve of Black Easter
Crowned with dark defiance
Heaven bleeds on Black Easter

I call upon the Descending Hierarchy
With these ineffable names
Unleash the host and appear before me
Through the sacrificial flames
For on this night, released from Hell-mouth
The mortal world is yours
To fill mankind with a fear they'd never know
Through famine, death and wars
Rise from hell...!

The Last Death is riding
On the night wind overhead
And in that final moment
We realise... that God is dead

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