Letra de Black Aces - Peter Bruntnell

Letra de canción de Black Aces de Peter Bruntnell lyrics

If it wasn't for you, the sky would be blue.
Why'd you make it so hard, and take everything to heart?
How come you don't understand, it's in the palm of your hand?
But you never come around, you just sit and look down.

Donald and Gerry were never good,
Lost in the wilderness, out in the woods.
Just like the lonely and misunderstood in your town.

A little bed filled with light, couldn't stand what blocked it's sight.
You were the only one that knew, what the world was coming to,
You always give away your hand, and wanna do the things you can't.
Never learned to walk away, can't get around the price you paid.

Only a matter of time before smoke filled the air and then blood on the floor,
Fill up the bag and then gone out the door, and blown around.

I could have lived a better live, I could have been alright,
Could have got way so clean, but it doesn't matter what I need.
Cos the two of us are blood, and where you go you bring the flood,
It could matter to me now, but there was never any doubt.

Donald and Gerry were never sure, if their luck had got lost
Or just started out poor, so far behind they can't settle the score
By dumbing down.

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