Letra de Big Star - Current Joys

Letra de canción de Big Star de Current Joys lyrics

Are you coming back to the room that we had?
Reminisce about the past, but don't we always?
Is there something wrong? Could you hear it in my song?
Is the verse a bit too long? Isn't it always?
Play me something old
Play me something that you wrote
I don't care if it makes it worse or makes it better
Play me something sad but just happy enough to dance
Like the ones from way way back when we were together

Is it coming back is it fading into black?
No more colors to bring it back, but don't they always?
It is getting hard? Gone so long but not so far
Burning bright like the big big star you were always
Play me something old
Play me something, I don't know
Maybe then I can just let go of forever
Play me something sad
And we'll leave it there at that
'Cause the way we used to dance was always better

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