Letra de Big Bum - Chris Moyles

Letra de canción de Big Bum de Chris Moyles lyrics

Look at me baby, I'm a sex machine,
I may look really dirty, but I keep my undies clean,
Hardly knew I'd been around for years,
But I still go out drinking beers,
Now don't you dare laugh cause you think I'm old,
I spank the ladies' bottoms cause I'm very very bold,
My ass is getting flabby, but I ain't gonna worry,
Cause baby I go news for you.

Big bum, big bum, I've a big bum,
I may be pushing 60 but I still turn ladies on,
Big bum, Big bum, I've a big bum,
It's tight, it's firm, it's Number 1.

Now don't get me wrong, ain't gonna do you no harm,
Put your hands on my ass cheeks and my bum will keep you warm,
It's big, it's hot, it's like a radiator,
Baby check me out cause I'm a sexy alligator,
Ladies out there, listening to me,
I've had a sexy bottom since the age of 23,
And yes I must react to claims that my -
Ass was put together in a factory in Dubai

(Chorus x 2)

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