Letra de Beyond The Veil - Dylan Leblanc

Letra de canción de Beyond The Veil de Dylan Leblanc lyrics

There's a world out there
Waiting for you
And everybody in it
Got a different point of view
You can play the fool
You can play the prophet
And you are free to fill
Your empty pockets
With stones to throw
In a dry wishing well
Cause there's always something to prove
Or somebody's got something to tell
But a whole lot of good it will do
Beyond the veil
Politicians' fragile lies
The media spread the news
When you water it all down
From the pulpit to the pews
You make me choose
A better way to lose
And the ones that look for some truth
Or the ones in the dark jail cells
Or the ones just like me and you
Beyond the veil
And the secrets kept
From the darker depths
Leaves nothing to hide

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