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Letra de canción de Believe de Armchair Cynics lyrics

I was tired feeling older,
Stop the car and please pull over,
In the bathroom at the station,
In the mirror was desperation,
From my pocket pulled a picture,
Of a time when I was younger,
Somewhere on this desert road,
I thing I lost my hunger,
People fall in love with people,
Then they fall out of love,
Could you save me soul tonight,
Give reason and meaning,
When all my hope is gone,
Could you be my something to believe in,
Well the seasons they are changing,
And the days are getting longer,
I guess you'll finish off your school
And I'll finish off this bottle,
If I told you how I felt,
Would it change all our tomorrows?
I guess you'll never know,
How I feel so hollow,
People climb on top of people
Don't you fall down on me now

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