Letra de Beautifully Broken - Dante

Letra de canción de Beautifully Broken de Dante lyrics

Standing aside the water she
Waits for the coming of the shadows
The fall of the night
And she is cold inside
The black frost's made her blind
Drifting in the winter's cold
Still beautifully broken
A dreamy tear
Slipping from her face
A pale rose withering
Wearing off
Living a dream
In a fragile scheme
Over the distance
Beautifully broken
Under the bright shining ice
A shade of a life
Under a warm crescent moon
Will there be your face
Will there be silence
Silence beautifully broken
Reaching with her empty hands
Still standing on the sideline
She's lost her breath
And she has closed her eyes
Sadness deep inside
Falling from a distant past
An ancient angel of the odd
Is coming down
And from her wounded soul
The red snow's melting down
Bleeding off.

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