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Thou whom they call the desolate one. Thy face we need not see, for thy presence is yet so clear (in every murder and crime). Thou who shall grant us the fatal wind, and bestow us the light that is not. OPPOSER beyond the veil of the void.
Ascend, oh BEAST OF FIRE! Torch now this world so tired. Thy will is our desire. My heart is thine.
On parchment made from a stillborn child, drawn in blood is the seal of thine. My prayers are aimed at the highest of might. To take on the world and withdraw false light. You kill and you rape the illusions of clay. You break the cycle of life.
Unbearable sight, enslavement the plague that has conquered us all. For the first of crimes, withdrawal the sentence which all shall abide. Those phosphorous eyes, forging the furnace of the ending of time. ACCUSER divine, our swords in thy name now world shall divide!
Lands ablaze, writhing in vain. Choirs sing, welcome his reign. 'Foes behold the wrath of our lord, shrouding fast, mowing all cords'.
Oh, free me from their stillborn god, who rapes our minds and steels our thoughts. Descend now with the brightest of light, and set afire this world plagued by plight
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