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[Music - RedRum/Nobeard | Lyrics - RedRum]

So you find yourself at the bottom of a glass
After squandered engagements come to pass
Saturated with ancient ilk imbued within
Fractal poise and festered patience wearing thin

Pander to sacrifices of your mind's account
Reaping baleful treasures of untold amounts
Skullduggery afoot intercepts your weary path
And scorns the deadly seas of woeful wrath

Wander, wade, and wallow
Swirl, swig, and swallow
You'll find your touch of class
At the bottom of a glass

Lured by lyres of escalating grace, we
In the shades of sails, stray a course straight to thee
Equal to the task of beauty's lay
Fasten our faithless hearts unto dismay

Whitecaps crash while drinks discharge
Down throats that siege the world at large
As surges swell vaster than our greedy grasp
The world's finest fortunes fall into our laps

Search the faces of the crumbling crowds
Heaven's light breaks through the storm and cloud
Smoke billows from the glints of our mortars
Witness the demise of bounds and borders

Led astray down alleyways of zeal
Ardor undermined by false ideals
Let's sing the song that ends the Earth
A legacy that lends itself to rebirth

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