Letra de Anti-Tank (Dead Armour) - Bolt Thrower

Letra de canción de Anti-Tank (Dead Armour) de Bolt Thrower lyrics

Scattered on foreign fields
Lie the burnt out hulls of our dead armour
Old landscape wreckage
And this earth now scorched
Selfless acts of bravery
In the face of overwhelming force
Hold position - position held
Retained new glory sought
Shattered defences now alone
Cover the tactical withdrawal
Outgunned, outnumbered
Though never outclassed
Spent the ammunition of faith
Weaponry exhausted
Now reduced in numbers
Numbers reduced
To the Last
Face to face with cold dead eyes
The final register of death
Crushed are the adversaries
The kill rate ratio rising
One hundred to one
Honours withheld in travesty
Presented falsely to another
With courage unspoken
All heroes die

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