Letra de Ancient Rivalry - Dying Fetus

Letra de canción de Ancient Rivalry de Dying Fetus lyrics

The distortions of history, barriers from original truth
Man-made distance, accounts of time fog
Temporal obscurity, misinformation

Fear and ignorance built a religion, exploit seasons of discontent
Relentless war, revenge set in motion
Radical propaganda, enemies of progress

Turn back the clock, eighth century
Backward thinking morons, perpetual battle

Fear of losing control of morality
Fostering intolerance, breeding persecution
Too many problems, to get involved
Fuck the Middle East, nothing's ever going to change

Impatience with the changing times
Last resort of violence, the first and only method

Killing for religion, horror and shameful tyranny
Inquisitions and war crusades
A short-lived embarrassment of cold dark ages

Ignorance of the dusty regions, still have not found enlightenment
Occupied by belligerent jihad
Fostering a way of life, no peaceful coexistence

Impetus of suicide, living for a sudden death
Embellished reward, imaginary threat
Irrational destruction, prejudice solidified
Earthly hope abandoned, presumed for God's will
Emptiness consumes you, vacant and frustrated
Wondering why your world of shit never changes
Young, dumb, expendable, brainwashed to follow orders
Seeing nothing, knowing nothing, fuck it all

Echoing mantra, there is no escape, choosing a lesser bitterness
Negative outlook of blinded eyes, you made your world a prison
Unwitting soldiers filled with lies, lust from Heaven, escape from Hell
Uncivilized intolerance, extremist views are doomed to fail

Violence, sectarian conflict, obstinates fallacies, unredeemed by time
Fighting a war that cannot be won, repression of the many by the few
Matyrdom is an illusion, mass produced sacrifice, stripped of all nobility
Stubborn pride in a losing situation, you are already fucked for life

Throwing lives away, achieving nothing
Driving up the death toll, glorified mass murder
Tiresome waste, for thousands of years
Useless, impotent, stagnant

When we come to fuck you up, there is no persecution
Conquest and self-preservation, might is right for slaughter

Unevolve society, fatal flaw eternal
Humankind does not obey, the stench of oppression

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